There is no "Palestine". It does not exist. As an anthropological term, "Palestine" is a derivation from the Latin of the word "Philistine" coined by the Romans in about the 2nd century. Shortly after the Bar-Kokhba revolt in 130 A.D., the Romans renamed "Palestine” after the Philistines who some scholars believe had disappeared about 700 years before. While they lived, they were Greek not Arab. The archaeological finds conducted earlier last century in Heraklion, Crete and the Gaza Strip revealed that they worshipped Greek idols and therefore suggest they were culturally Greek. There has not been a true ethnic Palestinian on earth for over 2000 years!

Geographically, the area between the Jordan basin and the Mediterranean was labeled “Palestine”. But it was used ONLY AS A GEOGRAPHICAL TERM prior to the RE-establishment of Israel in 1948. The “Palestinians” were not arabs. To wit, the soldiers who fought in the area at around that time were part of Royal Palestine Legion and almost each were Jews. You will note that the original name of the Jerusalem Post was the Palestine Post. “Palestinians”, therefore, were people of most any religion who actually lived there – Jews, Christians and muslims. They were ALL considered “Palestinians”. In the 1960s and 70s, the term became inclusive of all arabs because it was imposed upon them by their leaders for political reasons. Most of these people who call themselves “Palestinian” are actually descendants of people from Arabia, who immigrated to Israel often illegally during the Jewish mandate in order to enjoy a greater standard of living.

Ontologically, “Palestinian” theology is actually Judeo-Christian. Only Judaism and Christianity came historically from the region of the Jordan and the Mediterranean. In contrast, Islam came from Arabia. It developed through the Middle Ages in Egypt. Islam is not a “Palestinian” religion in the same sense which Judaism and Christianity are and they share no theological commonality.

In stark contrast, as we have already seen, tens of thousands of innocent Christians and Jews were murdered often with their places of worship by barbarous islamic hoards, aided and comforted by their proxies on the left all the while. Their sympathizers and even the moderates should consider well that there exists no country in the muslim world where Christians and especially Jews enjoy the same freedoms in frequency and in magnitude as muslims do in Australia, all of Western Europe, The Americas and especially in Israel. This I would call apartheid against which moderates should be repudiating in large numbers. History informs philosophy and both form the basis of honest discussion. The far left need to wise up!

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